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Frequently asked questions about Envision Madison.

EVERYONE living, or with a vested interest, in Madison County.

Madison Economic Partners, Inc. is a nonprofit (501 (c) 4), founded in 1987 by Madison County to "define, support and promote policies and activities which contribute to the economic stability and growth of Madison County" (MEPI Bylaws). Today MEPI is made up of an all-volunteer board representing various interests in the community. Visit for more information.

As a non-political, non-governmental organization, Madison Economic Partners serves as a sounding board for agricultural, small businesses, city, county, educational, manufacturing, medical, public utilities and other concerns and interests within the county. The purpose of Envision Madison is to engage members of the community (public and private entities, citizens and other interests groups), to have their voices heard and to form a common vision for the future.

Envision Madison helps MEPI to fulfill its mission of: "define[ing], support[ing] and promote[ing] policies and activities which contribute to the... stability and growth of Madison County."

A member of the community went to a conference where Robert Grow of Envision Utah was a speaker. This individual was impressed with the process that Mr. Grow outlined— a process used around the country, from San Diego, CA; New Orleans, LA; the State of Utah; and many more communities, both large and small— and recommended that leaders in Madison County find out more.

Rexburg and County leaders asked Robert Grow to come and present to Madison Economic Partners in the fall of 2012. Impressed with the process (and past successes) that were presented, Madison Economic Partners asked that it be the organization to head up a similar process in Madison County. Initially, Gary Archibald, a MEPI board member, was asked to chair an Executive Committee. This Executive Committee, along with a stakeholders group of local citizens, guides the Envision Madison process. The Executive Committee met and made the decision to engage Robert Grow and Envision Utah to facilitate the effort.

Members of the Executive Committee are:

  • Gary Archibald, Co-Chair
  • Lori Woodland, Co-Chair
  • Kim Clark, President BYU-Idaho
  • Richard Woodland, Mayor of Rexburg
  • Glen Dalling, Mayor of Sugar City
  • Jon Weber, Madison County Commissioner
  • Randall Porter, Committee Member
  • Carlos Aponte, Committee Member
  • Richard Smith, Committee Member
  • Jeff Walters, Committee Member

Envision Madison Stakeholders were chosen by the Executive Board to represent the different occupations, areas, and interests of Madison County. Envision Madison Stakeholders therefore represent a large and diverse group of community leaders and citizens. The Stakeholder group ensures that a transparent and public process is preserved as Envision Madison explores the challenges associated with growth. Read more >

Envision Madison is paid for through donations, grants, private and public contributions. Envision Madison would like to act on the findings of the study in the months and years ahead, as well as serving as an advocate for the public to make sure that the policies, and measures proposed take effect; as such, Envision Madison is an ongoing process which requires all of our support. If you would like to contribute please follow this link.

In the month of June Envision Madison will hold a Kickoff event on June 13th, at Madison High School, and several Community Workshops around the County. Please plan on attending the Kickoff and at least one of the Community Workshops. In the fall and winter look for more community meetings as well as reports on the findings of the Community Workshops.

No. Envision Madison seeks to bring all parties to the table. Only by understanding the desires of the entire community can the community work together to make those desires a reality.

Envision Madison makes the following assumptions:

  • Residents have the right to choose their future—public officials should serve that vision.
  • The "public" will make good choices if presented with real options.
  • Preserving our quality of life as a community and protecting individual and private property rights is  essential.
  • Implementation is local. A county wide vision enables cooperation and exploration of potential implementation strategies.
  • Citizens and leaders determine in for our communities which strategies make the most sense to implement.

Envision Utah is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. For more information, explore the Envision Utah website.

As a nationally recognized organization Envision Utah has assisted in many visioning projects across the country and internationally. As pioneers in regional planning, as well as a proven track record of successes, Envision Utah was the natural choice to guide our visioning process.

To understand the will of the people, and ensure that their decisions are reflected in the policy decisions that will effect us, our children and grandchildren.